About The Café


Come and take a culinary trip around the Mediterranean Sea when you walk through our doors. Our professional chefs have been making exquisite meals for over 15 years in our family owned and operated restaurant.

We offer Traditional and Modern dining all while sampling foods from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Morocco.

Our food is made fresh when you order with quality ingredients and we can make arrangements for people with special dietary needs, such as gluten allergies.

Come and let us tantalize your taste buds with all that our All World Menu has to offer!


7 thoughts on “About The Café

  1. Barbara Hill

    I had lunch today and it was wonderful!! Can’t wait to visit again!
    Thanks for very tasty food and great service!

  2. William

    My wife and I had lunch at the Mediterranean Café today and it was fantastic. We don’t get out very much so the perfect location, ambiance and good food made the experience so special.

  3. Valerie

    We really enjoyed our dinner at The Meditteranean Cafe. Such delicious food and relaxing friendly atmosphere. We have found our favorite spot in Charles Town. Thank you.

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