Dinner Menu



Sampler A  15.99

Hummus, dolmeh, sauteed mushrooms

Sampler B  19.99

Shrimp cocktail, sausage stuffed mushrooms, caprese salad

Sampler C 12.99

Hummus, shirazi salad, marinated Greek olives

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms 9.99

succulent cap mushrooms stuffed with a creamy sausage cheese filling

Sauteed Shrimp Cocktail 10.99

lightly sauteed shrimp tossed in fresh herbs served with a maple yogurt for dipping

Caprese Salad 7.99

fresh mozzarella with tomato, basic garlic and balsamic

Hummus 5.99

garbanzo beans mixed with tahini, lemon juice and garlic served with flat bread

Dolmeh 7.99

fresh grape leaves stuffed with a ground beef mixture

Baba Ganoush $8.99

tahini and eggplant blended together served with warm pita

Marinated Greek Olives 5.99

served with feta cheese and warm pita

Sauteed Mushrooms 6.99

sauteed in butter, white wine and garlic

Shrimp Ceviche 14.99

cooked shrimp marinated with chopped onion, chile,garlic lemon and lime juices


White Bean Soup  4.99

a variation to our pasta figoli with herbs and spices

French Onion  4.99

savory beef broth with french bread croutons covered in melted cheeses

Mariscada Seafood Soup  8.99

a creamy shrimp and scallop soup

Ensalada Ibiza 6.99

romaine, feta and nuts tossed liberally with a garlic and lemon dressing  *add dried cranberries for .99

Salata Horiatiki  6.99

romaine, tomato, cucumber, mixed olives, red onion, nuts and feta tossed with our lemon oregano vinaigrette

Greek  6.99

romaine, tomato, red onion, cucumber, peppers, olives and feta tossed with our house vinaigrette

Shirazi Salad  4.29

diced tomato, cucumber, red onion and spices mixed with olive oil and red wine vinegar

House Salad  4.29

romaine garnished with tomatoes, cucumbers and onion

*add a kabob to any salad above

salad w/ lamb kabob 13.99

salad w/steak kabob 13.99

salad w/ chicken kabob 11.99

salad w/ gyro meat 11.99

salad w/ salmon 16.99

salad w/ shrimp 16.99

Salmon Salad  16.99

wild salmon kabob over a mixture of greens with a light vinagrette


Kabob e Barg 13.99

grilled grade A steak

Kabob-e-Koobideh 11.99

juicy lean ground beef

Kabob Chengeh 13.99

grilled juicy chunks of lamb kabob

Chicken Kabob  11.99

Chunks of chicken breast marinated in safron sauce

Vegetable Kabob 11.99

deluxe mixture of peppers, onions,mushrooms and tomatoes

Shrimp Kabob 16.99

shrimp and Vegetables grilled to perfection

Salmon Kabob 16.99

tender marinated salmon

Khoresht e Bademjan (eggplant Stew) 11.99

steak, eggplant and lentils in a lemon and tomato based stew served over basmati rice

Ghormeh Sabzi $11.99

steak, mixed greens and herbs cooked together and served over basmati rice


Mediterranean Pasta $13.99

artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini, kalamata olives, green and red peppers cooked with angel hair pasta

Couscous $11.99

round semolina pasta served with a cranberry and vegetable stew

Falafel Platter $11.99

a variety of green herbs and garbanzo beans mashed together and fried, served over a salad with hummus and mast o khiar

*Add any kabob for a few dollars more


Chicken Cacciatore 15.99

chicken simmered in a red wine sauce with roased peppers served on a bed of angel hair pasta

Chicken Picatta 14.99

boneless chicken breast poached in white wine, lemon and garlic finished with lemon and capers.  *add artichoke and sundried tomatoes for an additional fee

Veal Picatta 15.99

tender veal poached in white wine, lemon and garlic finished with lemon and capers

Chicken Parmigiana 14.99

skinless, boneless chicken breast, coated in seasoned breadcrumbs in a light red sauce with parmesean and mozzarella cheeses

Veal Parmigiana 15.99

tender veal coated in seasoned bread crumb sin a light red sauce with parmesan and mozzarella cheeses

Chicken Marsala 15.99

chicken sauteed in mushrooms and marsala wine sauce over pasta

Veal Marsala 16.99

veal sauteed in mushrooms and marsala wine sauce over pasta

Shrimp Scampi 16.99

shrimp simmered in a light garlic abd crushed red pepper butter sauce served over rice or pasta

Fettucini Alfredo with Shrimp 16.99

fettucini tossed with flavorful shrimp in our classic alfredo

Fettucini Alfredo with Chicken 15.99

fettucini tossed with tender chicken breast in our classic alfredo


Crevettes a L’aneth 18.99

tender shrimp sauteed in a dill sauce, served over rice or pasta

Coquilles St Jacques 19.99

sauteed sea scallops in a creamy herbed sauce over pasta


Camarones al Ajillo 16.99

shrimp sauteed with garlic and olive oil served over rice or pasta

Arroz con Camarones 16.99

saffron rice and shrimp simmered together

Pollo a la Castellana 15.99

sauteed chicken breast with roasted red pepper, capers and artichokes in a lemon butter sauce served over pasta or rice

Pollo al Ajillo 15.99

sauteed chicken breast with lemon, garlic and white wine. served over rice or pasta


Gyro 9.99

choose from classic lamb, chicken or barg with yogurt sauce served on flat bread

Falafel Sandwich  9.99

homemade falafel with a side of hummus and yogurt sauce on flat bread

Salmon Sandwich  14.99

grilled salmon kabob on flat bread with a side of yogurt sauce

Alfredo’s believes in honoring tradition and staying true to history. We honor the former Turf Rib Room, formerly one of the best restaurants in West Virginia and are pleased to offer the best quality steaks and American fare.
14 oz Ribeye $25.99
8 oz Filet $18.99
12 oz. New York $23.99
Crab Cakes
Two house-made lump crab cakes served with
lemon-dill cream sauce.
Shrimp Platter
Ten (10) jumbo shrimp fried or sautéed in garlic butter
and white wine.
Blackened grilled salmon.
Fish & Chips
House beer-battered fried fish fillets served with
fries and cole slaw.
Fried Oyster Platter
Twelve (12) breaded oysters served with cocktail sauce.